(p10) Jarvis support for Meme Lord

In the crypto ecosystem (especially on Twitter) memes are an essential part of communication.

And by that, we mean not only “funny pictures” about the project but pictures that deliver a specific message, in this case, memes act as an intermediary for project updates, events, etc.

We already have several anons who have been working passionately on Twitter for some time. However, none of them is getting paid to do so.

We propose to hire a Meme Lord and a Jarvis Gigabrain.

Their role will be the creation of memes, raising awareness on Twitter by posting under relevant Tweets (to increase Jarvis visibility), create explanatory threads on new features, milestones, updates, etc.

We suggest paying them in JRT and jEUR


It’s a good idea.
I’m ok with that.

Well… I’d be a fool to object to such a proposal, wouldn’t I…
Legatus waiting for Mooning


Should the remit of these roles be a bit larger (e.g video on youtube … ). In case meme strategy does not get any traction, they can pivote on something else

We should pay with jEur and we can start with US$ 500.00 value and then we put KPI regarding performance reached. Mandat shout be for 3 months and we can be renew after community vote.
US$ 500.00 to US$ 1000.00 if we reach this milestone
US$1000.00 to US$ 1500.00 if we reached another milstone.
US$ 1500.00 to US$ 2000.00 if we reached another milstone.
Target need to be measurable and defined together with the Lords based on the strategy proposed
Meme Lord roadmap should be shared to the community for the next 3 months and with his/her action plan.
Animed Gif should also be included


Dow need to hire someone for this task or simply everyone who wants to participate can post his meme and then we can vote for it ? The winner gets paid accordingly.

I think the KPI is a spendid idea. We can use UMA’s KPI for that.

As per the milestone, we could measure the engagement / growing of followers etc. on Twitter, the number of post / tweet, etc.

I believe these data can be checked using Twitter API.

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I agree twice.

For hiring someone who will promote Jarvis on social networks through memes.
For Pedro’s idea.

The KPI is definitely the way to go.

But we need to define what metrics we should monitor ie follower count, likes, comments?

Also we want the person to promote Jarvis in means of commenting on other people’s posts do we include it in the KPI as well?

Also we need to define how much of reasonable growth we can expect from the “Lord” account.

And last but not the least, we need to define the responsibilities of the said “Lord”, do we hire just a twitter person or do we want him to

Hey guys !

The way I understand it, is that you want to hire 1 member for this job, right ?

As you said, the main goal of a campaign like this is to increase visibility. Based on what I see why other projects, I’m not sure if this is the best approach.

In fact, first, you will only reward 1 member (maybe discouraging others, and it won’t help to create hype around Jarvis).
Then, if you tweet with the Jarvis account, you will basically mostly reach people already aware of Jarvis.

A campaign, I really like, is the impression mining campaign by Index Coop. Basically, members are rewards based on impressions on Twitter. For every X impressions, they receive X tokens. What I found interesting with a program like that, is that all members can be involved. Also, as more people will create Meme and tweet, you will reach more people, and people not aware of Jarvis. So to gain visibility it’s better.

The only “dark side” of this program, is that you need someone to gather all data. Every month, members send a screenshot of their Twitter Analytics and you need to send rewards. So it can be time-consuming . But as a project, and if you want to involve the community, I find it really interesting .


It’s interesting I think we need to consider several levels of reward based on impressions, an account that has good stats in impressions on a regular basis, is an account that people find interesting to follow.
We could create a first level of reward that doesn’t require too much effort so that anyone in the community who likes the project can be rewarded, for example having a Jarvis account reach 100 tweets and 100 impressions.
Level 2 will require more involvement with more tweets and more impressions and more regularity, the analysis tab in twitter allows you to see the number of impressions each month so you can check the trend of the account.
we can create different levels of reward with different objectives to achieve, which will push the members of the community to want to reach the highest level depending on the time he wants to give

So where are we with this discussion ? :thinking:

Okay I guess I’ll step in because otherwise this topic will stay here forever.

People’s time isn’t free and substantial benevolent contribution is not sustainable imo.
I like the idea of having a fixed base + variable bonus depending on performances

→ Now what metric(s) should “performance” depend on ?
I suppose the most straightforward one is “impressions” which can be viewed on twitter analytics each day. (see screenshots below)
However, if we focus only on impressions, what’s the point of having a meme lord that’s native from jarvis, instead of just taking some random dude on twitter with a minimum of 10k follower and pay him ? Surely you would get more impressions per tweet with him, than you would from a person with 200 followers. Right ?

There are elements that can hardly be calculated with accuracy. Quality / creativity / dedication / etc.
How do you measure that ?
I don’t have a solution, I’m just pointing these elements out so that people don’t forget.

→ How much should a meme lord be paid ?
Gitcoin pays between 80-120k per year.

I find it obviously exaggerated and it’s an extreme, but that is just a “reference point” so people get the idea that despite the term, the job isn’t a joke. It takes time, not everybody can do it, nor want to do it.

If I was to be chosen, how much do I personally ask for ?
As a hobby, 15h per week, I’d be ok with 600 jEUR a month as fixed base + XXX jEUR as variable.
Variable bonus can be determined later but the priority for me is to get a validation for the fixed base at least. This can all be re-voted on the next mandate anyway.
Ideally I would be happy to be a full-time “Shitposter” but this is a discussion for later.

If you want to pay only based on impressions (aka fully variable rewards), then we have to agree on how many impressions per dollar ? (and then we come back to the issue of, “why not just pay an influencer then ?” )

I am now going to post my personal statistics since I started talking about Jarvis on twitter.
That gives an idea of the progression curve + what numbers are realistic in terms of expectations. July was my most productive month. Also remember that when the market is bearish, stats go down (LoL).

I wish I could give more insights in details but Twitter Analytics works 1 time out of 2 lately for me. Full of bugs and data not showing etc. Only the main homepage for analytics works.

More than impression, engagement (answers, retweet, number of followers) should be also used as a criteria. It is very objective.

On the subjective criteria, post quality, behaviour (if people like you or complain about your attitude for ex, if you are open/close) and knowledge (for ex to know about all the stack of Jarvis, Ethereum, DeFi, governance, regulation).

  • should engage at least once per week with the team (Iliyan or me) to follow on our progress, etc.

600 jEUR + variable is very fair as a starter pack.

Thanks for sharing your point of view Legatus and for giving us keys to understanding this role :ok_hand:

According to me this task can’t me something else than a full time job. To be efficient enough several conditions must be met :

  • Full time job requires full time wage (obvious). Even though your exemple with Gitcoin is not totally accured (because it included being shitposter PLUS community manager, which is a completely different work) you need to be paid enough to stay motivated. A fixed amount + variable is a good idea but I don’t know how to estimate it tbh. We have to discuss it.

  • You need to be part of the team. Pascal offered a meeting once a week but that’s not enough imo. It would be nice if you were in constant contact with the team, or even with the main partners, so that you could easily ask the people concerned for details and refine the details of what you are writing.

  • You should be present everywhere. I’m not talking about Facebook or instagram ofc but twitter isn’t enough. It would be interesting to post on reddit (have a look on this article Reddit Guide: 15 Actionable Tips for New Redditors) and why not monitoring underground forums as well like 4chan. Of course we are here to help you to stay updated the most as possible :wink:

And to finish I think it’s important to specify this job should be open to all applicants from the community :slight_smile: So if someone else is interested, feel free to apply !

I completely agree that we need someone or even several people to tweet and respond to the tweet to allow us to be as visible as possible. It is obvious that all work deserves a salary and the 600Jeur offered seem correct to me. I am also of the opinion that after one or two months it will be necessary to discuss again the salary according to the efficiency and the motivation of the meme Lord. I am also of the opinion that subsequently a person who works full time for that (with the salary that goes with obviously)

Regarding Reddit and 4chan I agree with you. That has been planned a couple weeks ago actually. Someone else from the DAO has accepted to do it. We’ll see the progress on that, if not, I’ll include it in my schedule.
As you said it needs to be discussed.

Okay, sounds great :wink: we already saw the power of 4chan (even though it wasn’t a good quality chill) but it requires checking it almost daily to stay updated.

Btw where does the picture come from?

An unofficial Trello I started with motivated members who are willing to contribute by going a little out of their way whenever possible

Such a great idea! I wasn’t aware of this but i’m very interested to contributed as well :+1:t2: