P11 voting procedure

Until the recent “degen farming” vote, the vote distribution for other proposals was more or less homogenous.

It is time to define the rules for the voting, quorum, etc.

We can look at the suggestion of @Benoit, and start the discussion from this point:

"To make it simple, we could define 3 or 4 characteristics of a vote like :

  • the timing: the vote is express, urgent, regular
  • the quorum: the decision is very important, important, normal
  • the % of votes for an option to be validated: the decision will affect everyone, only jrt holders, only LP, …

Based on these characteristics we can change the rules of the votes but we still remain within some predefined limits."

The quorum can be defined by a percentage of the circulating supply (since it is possible to vote with LP tokens) minus the DAO funds for example. (181,926,211 JRT, the circulating supply as shown by Coingecko.com)

We could also use a quadratic vote system to avoid whales to decide for others.

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