(p39) Renew the 4eur pool incentives on Curve Polygon

1. First Liquidity mining report

In partnership with Mimo, we have launched a 4eur pool with 230k$ incentives for a period of 60 days the November 23th. This pool was a success with more 6M€ in the pool currently: Curve.fi

We have also seen a net increase of volumes on Jarvis exchange as well as an increase in the number of $jEUR and $PAR minted.

You can find all the statistics here: Dune Analytics

Many integrations has been made with this pool:

  • Beefy vault
  • Harvest vault
  • APWine FYT for Beefy vault
  • APWine FYT for Harvest vault

More integrations coming soon like:

  • 4eur isolated pool on Market XYZ
  • Paraswap integration

2. Proposal Summary

The initial goal of these incentives was to have a gauge on the pool to be eligible to CRV rewards on the pool then bribe the pool. For this, we need to have cross-chains gauges, this feature will be live on Curve very soon.

In the meantime I propose to renew the incentive program in partnership with Mimo for another 60 days.

I propose to incentivize this pool with $175k in $JRT, $UMA and $MIMO and divide the cost of these incentives in 2:

  • 87.5k$ → Jarvis
  • 87.5k$ → Mimo

These incentives resulting in the creation of a future token named $DEN-0321, I propose the creation of 100 $DEN at an initial price of 1750$ per $DEN-0321 with the following distribution:

  • 2 $DEN → initial liquidity on DEN-0321/4eur pool (3500$) (+3500$ in 4eur from the Jarvis Treasury)
  • 12 $DEN → DEN-0321/4eur pool incentives on KyberSwap (21 000$)
  • 86 $DEN → 4eur pool incentives (150 500$)

At the end of the incentive program, the initial liquidity add on KyberSwap will be returned to a user in the form of an auction with an NFT created by Jarvis.

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I agree to renew this program for 2 months since the target (Curve gauge) is close.
I just made a mistake on the naming because it will be DEN-MAR22.