(p5-2) Treasury allocation: capital allocation per strategy

The p5-1 vote is over, and we have 3 winning strategies.

Now we need to decide the ratio between 3 strategies.

Vote here: Scattershot (fork of Snapshot)

How to vote on scattershot:

  • If you want to give 33/33/33 for each strategy just click one time on each strategy.
  • If you want to give more weight to a specific strategy you need to click on it several times until you reach the desired ratio.
  • If you want to give your vote to a single strategy, you can just vote for the one you want without choosing other ones.

The treasury currently holds:
SushiSwap LP - 58.5k USD
UMA token 2.3k (approx 58.2k USD)
USDC - 73k USDC (approx 40k will go to the farming participants)

If it is decided to put 50% of the treasury to SushiSwap additional UMA tokens will be sold to fit the ratio on SushiSwap NOT 50% of the “free” UMA tokens

-Strategy 1
(23% in Sushi + trading fees)
Mcap-2,2Bil; FDV-3,6Bil
Action: Sell 50% UMA for ETH supply liquidity on SushiSwap
Future: stake Sushi for xSushi (5% APY), which could be deposited on Aave and used to borrow assets.

-Strategy 2
Jarvis Farm
Mcap-20Mil; FDV-95Mil
Action: Sell UMA for USDC and jFiat, participate in Jarvis Farming
Future: Treasury can accumulate JRT (do not mix with the JRT for rewards) which could be used to ming jFiat.

-Strategy 3
CRV (Mcap-973Mil; FDV-10,9Bil) ESP (Mcap-353Mil; FDV-3,2Bil)
Action: Sell UMA for DAI, mint alUSD (50% of the deposit), use alUSD to buy CRV, stake CRV for 4 years.
Future: Accumulated CRV could be used to participate in Curve governance.
*Alchemix allows us to get the future yield upfront therefore we can risk this money

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