(p7) Emperor Mode

As it was outlined in the Discord discussion, the voting process can be time-consuming, therefore some quick investing opportunities can be missed. It was proposed to delegate power to Jarvis not to miss such opportunities.

As Jarvis is using a more conservative approach, rather than full degen mode, we do not see a need to delegate whole treasury management to Jarvis.

However, we can have “Emperor Mode” where x% of the treasury is controlled by Jarvis and dedicated to risky/quick investments. We can have a dedicated Discord channel to discuss future opportunities, and a simple agreement on the channel will be enough to enact a new strategy. This way, we can bypass forum discussion and the voting process altogether, allowing for fast entry and higher APYs.


I’m in favor to delegate the descisions about investing the whole treasury to a group of community + team member. At least for certain time. It give the core community time to discuss more important thing.


5 to 20% max allocated for Emperor mode. For one month mandate to be renewed every month.
I trust that Pascal is more experienced than a lot of us especially in terms of hedging strategies yet nobody has a crystal ball and even he, and Marc Cuban got rekt in TITAN.
So there should be rules about how long we stay in a ponzi. A Full week is the maximum in my opinion for anything that gives multiple % daily. They usually implode before 2 weeks.

Delegating a minimum of 20% to Pascal seems like a good idea.
He has proven himself in farming and is a bit of a teacher to us all.

This idea of emperor is realy cool in.the “narrative/marketing” of the project. And the fact it can improve the reactivity of the project is good.

So let say 25%30% too the emperor?

But if it is 30% of full degen farm, it’s probably too high but if it’s 30% with 2% degen and 28% more oportunistitic farm why not.
Will have too trust our emperor!

And agree with mandate. One month seem short. I Like election but not too often. 3 or 6 months seems betyer to me

Totally agree for an emperor mode. I think that when allocating the treasury, an emperor strategy should be proposed. This avoids having several votes (one for the treasury and one for the emperor mode). Moreover, as the emperor mode will manage the “degen” strategies, I think that we can pass on a quarterly vote because the other strategies will be more “long” term strategies.

Personnally i’m deeply commited to the DAO but we have to admit that the community isn’t ready yet ahah ( all those millions of $JRT that have been assignated to the degen side of the force are really frightning…)
That’s why, with great regret and total confidence, I’m to delegate ALL the voting power to the Jarvis team. It will be more efficient, faster and safer.

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As some said, I agree with this mix of ideas: 20% of the amount of the DAO treasury allocated to the Jarvis Team to farm whatever they want (opinion and ideas taken on a dedicated Discord channel of the community).
In order to not have the obligation to vote every month just to allow another month of Emperor mode, we could agree on something like “the mandate is renewed automatically each month but can be ended anytime with a new vote proposed by the community to stop the mandate”.
Strategies of farming of the Emperor should be less conservative and sometimes even “degen”.

It should be according to a program.

You do not vote for someone but for a program.

I am very conservative, so I will only use jEUR minted with UMA at a low ratio + Convex/StakeDAO/Yearn.

We can reinvest the profits way later in degen farms.

The jEUR + UMA is to grow the amount of synths ofc, which creates a positive loop.

The Convex etc. is to generate yield in CRV on stablecoins.

We keep the CRV > in Convex.

I would like to reimburse the ALCX loan too, to get back the 40k and farm with it.

I prefer if we do 100% of the funds for a short period rather than x%, so it eases everything.


Also bear in mind, some alpha leak sorry, that we are getting VERY close to launch a fiat on and off ramp, and the funds generated by the Sponsoring program will need to be withdrawn from the treasury to finance a 1:1 Fiat <> jFiat marketing operation.


I propose to have indeed the Emperor Mode for 3 months and revote every 3 month to continu or not. If we go to a conservtive approach we should go for 100% funds and let Jarvis team decide.


Yes un emperor mode renewable every 3 months until the project is fully launched seems a good idea :+1:

I agree with everything that’s said. It’s better to let the team have the control until everything is ready.

A vote every 3 month seems good enough to let some space between each and as long as we give control to the team, we might give it fully.