Whitelisting EURT, by jeanbrasse.eth

Proposal 28 introduced the restriction that a pool cannot be created and incentivize if one of the tokens is not audited: Snapshot

This is a problem for the 4eur pool because we would have to stop supporting it, and therefore stop incentivize it. This would lead to an abandon of the end of proposal 18 which is to request a gauge on Curve’s governance to get rewards in CRV and then bribe the pool.

Here is the current state of the audits of the different tokens that we use for the 4eur pool and that we will use later if we create an agEUR-4eur pool:

For Mimo, Angle, Jarvis and Stasis, the audits have been done, but regarding Tether, there is no official audit. Tether is an emitter of USDT, the most used USD stablecoin today, but also an emitter of EURT, a EUR stablecoin. On multiple occasions tether has been accused of not backing its tokens at 1:1 by real USD, this was indeed the case in 2018. But since 2020, Tether has made up for its lack of backing and has been inspected by the SEC. Although the report of the investigations is not public, Tether has resolved its treasury problems and paid a penalty.

Today Curve uses USDT and EURT in its main pools, the majority of the ecosystem uses USDT and EURT. I think that taking away EURT and its liquidity by abandoning the 4eur pool for an audit issue would be a very bad thing for Jarvis.

I therefore propose to make an exception for the EURT and to whitelist it in order to be able to use it in all proposals where it will be necessary in the future.

PROPOSAL: should we whitelist the EURT?

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Je suis pour le garder et continuer le programme avec curv